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Travel Abroad

Memories make the best souvenirs

Work and Travel

When it comes to corporate travel, our primary concern is to ensure it's a smooth-sail. To begin with, we'll make sure you don't have to deal with hotel reservations, air-ticket bookings and the like. We'll pay careful attention to your preferences and make sure we check you into a hotel that will suit your taste. And that's not all. We'll even organize your time away from work. So once you're done with the client meetings and conferences, you can actually make a vacation out of the rest of your day. We have a team of well-trained staff who will be there to assist you at every step, should you require anything. So once you've left the job to us, breathe easy.


With the Corporate Client as our focus we not only provide options of competitive pricing and quickest routes;
Along with assistance for Visa processing, Travel Insurance and Foreign Exchange.
We also provide customised services keeping in mind the work schedule of the individual business traveller. 
And most importantly our travel co-ordinator is on call for rescheduling, cancellation, rebooking etc.


We provide researched experiences on destinations, even in different seasons.
End-to-end budget sensitive planning for travel options and accommodation.
Day-wise itineraries set at your pace, area of interests, and other specific requirements.

Globe Trotter

International trips with Embassy are unlike any other. For starters, our itineraries are dictated entirely by your interests and preferences. Because holidays are about memories. And we'll give you plenty of good ones.

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Explore India

India has always been something of an enigma to the world. With its incredible cultural diversity, rich heritage and interesting history. And after 25 years in the travel business, we can safely say that we know India like the back of our hands.So if your interests revolve around getting acquainted with the culture, we'll guide you into everything from learning to drape a saree and preparing a traditional South-Indian breakfast, to learning the basics of an Indian language of your choice.


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