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Travel the way you want to 

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller who knows exactly what you want, or someone excited about a very special trip, we’re here to listen at Embassy Travels. 

Our team at Embassy Travels cover everything from paperwork to planning details both large and little.

Visa & Passport Specialist: Take the stress out of applications by letting us take over this often confusing aspect of travel.

Flight Planner: Anyone can book a flight. But can they get the best deals, shortest layovers and more? It takes a specialist.

Hotel & Transfer Planner: Why read reviews by someone totally unlike you when we can offer guidance tailored just for you?

Holiday Planner: And here’s where we go beyond the nitty-gritty of admin and become the curators of the trip of your dreams.

At Embassy Travels, we work with a wide network of partners at destinations both within India and internationally.

More importantly, we work closely with every client to craft itineraries that reflect their personality, respect their budget, and result in unforgettably enjoyable holidays.
Over three decades of experience, personalised attention and on-the-ground partnerships across the world ensure that every itinerary we create for you is customised to fulfil your wishes and meet your needs.

If you’re in Chennai, you could also schedule an appointment to meet at our office. Why don’t you drop us a line to start things off, and see where it takes you? After all, we can take you almost anywhere in the world.


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