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Explore India

Explore India

India has always been something of an enigma to the world. With its incredible cultural diversity, rich heritage and interesting history. And after 25 years in the travel business, we can safely say that we know India like the back of our hands.So if your interests revolve around getting acquainted with the culture, we'll guide you into everything from learning to drape a saree and preparing a traditional South-Indian breakfast, to learning the basics of an Indian language of your choice.

If you're keen on seeing history come to life on the other hand, or if you would just like to do a little of everything, we'll make sure that your experience of the Taj Mahal and Qutab Minar is far more personal than a regular sight-seeing tour.For starters, you'll be accompanied by a well-informed guide who will unravel the story as you revel in the beauty of every site you visit. We'll then ensure that your unique requirements are met at every step. Be it while you're at the hotel, or out exploring the city. Because our aim is to ensure your India trip is every bit as enchanting as you pictured it.

Things to do: Trek the Himalayas, learn to drape a saree, hop hill-stations, visit the metros, shop at the bazaars, check out the villages, travel by the local buses, pay a visit to an orphanage, sample the roadside restaurants etc.

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