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At Embassy, we believe that travel ought to be personal. That's why we go all out to ensure that your holiday is tailor-made to your interests and preferences. From providing you with step-by-step directions to the restaurant that serves the best brunch in Naples and helping you enroll in an Italian class during your stay in Venice, to taking you through guided tours to historical sites, there isn't much we don't offer.

We believe in getting people better acquainted with authentic travel, by allowing them to savour the local flavours of every place they visit. We will be there at every step to assist and assure you through queries and requirements. Like arranging a crèche for your toddler, should the need arise. Or a hotel that's closest to where a relative lives. We'll ensure that through all the fun and adventure, your convenience is never compromised. Because holidays are about bringing back memories. And we'll make sure you have plenty of good ones.

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